“New Industrial Revolution: Optimize for Growth!” Debate at Altice Forum

In the same panel of discussion, ISSHO Technology brought together managers from 3 multinational corporations – market leaders in their different business verticals – to a conversation about the New Industrial Revolution and its impact on Innovation Management for organizations.

The following companies, represented by their directors (from right to left of the photo), were at the Altice Forum Braga’s debate on June 6th:

– ISSHO (Guilherme Fonseca) – moderator;

– Purever Group (Hugo Rechena);

– Barros e Moreira Group (Rodrigo Santos);

– O Feliz (Adérito Igreja).

In the end, several questions were asked by the public, resulting in a positively ignited and challenging discussion.

The debate, organized in partnership with InvestBraga, had about 100 people in the audience and was described by several of the present as a “unique moment for learning and networking”.

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