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Your customers want to be unique. The media tells you so, they tell you so, and you know it. But there’s no way to do it cost effectively. Unique pieces need to be customized, and customization is expensive. Too expensive to be used at scale.

ISSHO Technology was born to solve that problem for you. By partnering with Microsoft, Primavera BSS, MIT Portugal and many others, the 3D Configurator tool that makes your life easier was borne. The 3D Configurator combines the versatility needed for your furniture manufacturing with processes that save you time and improves efficiency, more than you though possible! In the time it takes to model your clients order, the 3D Configurator will prepare your quote, material cost, customer mockup, machine instructions and much more! Customers get the safety of seeing the order in minutes, while manufacturers like you become 8 times faster quoting and planning a production with no mistakes. That’s innumerous hours to get you more customers and live life well.



It makes you 8 times faster and efficient!

If there was a tool that helped save you time by graphically customizing, quoting, and planning production all at once, how much time would you save?

The 3D Configurator tool saves you time by taking all the expensive processes your custom orders need and calculating them for you as you make the order. And it gets better: the same processes that help you save time also make more money. The same technology that calculates all for you, also allow a web platform for your customer or retailer to view your products in real time.

That means your customer sees what they’re getting right away, giving them security. Using the 3D Configurator, customers buy more and with more confidence.

The 3D Configurator is being used right now by furniture makers. To save time and make more money. If you’d like to see how you could save time, reach out to us and ask for a demo!

How it helps you

Easy to use

Your 3D Configurator lets you start customizing your orders in minutes.

Proven for Manufacturing

Our graphical engine is the proven leader in the Italian furniture industry. You can trust it’ll work for you.

Flexible as your need

Don't worry about new products! Your 3D Configurator is built to adapt to any new product that you might want to make.

Integrates with your tools

Integrate your 3D Configurator with ERP software and CNC machine to save even more time. You eliminate extra steps while keeping a record of all actions taken.

3D Models for your customers

Give customers security by letting them see their order in real time. As soon as you finish your design, your 3D Configurator can create a 3D model for your customer to view.

Model any type of product

Model more than furniture; Input your numbers and you’ll be able to model almost any type of product. Your 3D Configurator is being used in the Aluminum, Modular Housing and Acoustics fields already.

Give customers the Information they need

Because your calculations are done in real time, you can give your customers the quotes and models they need. This means customers make faster, more confident purchases.

Happier customers get you more sales

Your customers see and understand exactly what you’re giving them, reducing miscommunication and making everyone happier. This generates more sales for you!

Easy Automatic Updating

A common database lets you save information and keep everything together with automatic updates. Keeping your catalog up-to-date has never been so easy.

Save money with cost reductions

Your 3D Configurator is made for efficiency. It saves you money by reducing material usage with the most efficiency production processes possible.

Key benefits


faster answering the market


savings in task execution time


elimination of production and communication errors

1/3 margin increase


>20% sales increase


See how a demo can make your life easier today.

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We are proud to work with companies that we believe to have a great potential, like ISSHO Technology.

Joana Barros - Microsoft

The answer to the needs of modular structures manufacturers and their clients, with a very interesting user experience and integration level with PRIMAVERA solutions.

Paulo Cruz – Primavera

After two years of research and software analysis, I finally found what identifies with the reality of my company and, in my opinion, with most companies in my industry.

José Pais – Pais Indústrias

The future of furniture design.

Jeremy Hugh Aston - Porto Design Factory


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